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Configuration Options

The following options may be configured with RESTController

Setting Default Description
allowJsonGet true Allow JSON GET requests to be fulfilled. Learn more about paging.
deleteHttpMethod DELETE Send requests to the Delete() action as an HTTP DELETE. This will require that DELETE requests be sent using JavaScript.
editHttpMethod POST Send requests to the Edit() action as an HTTP POST.
newHttpMethod POST Send requests to the New() action as an HTTP POST.
redirectToIndex false After creating or editing a new record, the default result is to go to the newly created page - the Show() action. If you would rather go to the Index() action, then set this value to "true".
pageSize 50
usePaging false

Adding a configuration setting for RESTController

This configuration is added by default when installing with NuGet.

    <section name="RESTControllerSettings" type="RESTController.RESTControllerSettings, RESTController" />
  <RESTControllerSettings usePaging="false" 
                          redirectToIndex="false" />

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